How Does Central Air Conditioning Work?

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There are many ways to cool your home. As you may be aware, some of the most common cooling systems currently on the market include packaged air conditioners, split-system air conditioners, and, of course, central air.

If the time to replace your AC system is quickly approaching, you may be scrambling to find the perfect fit for your home. Unfortunately, all the options can make choosing the right system for your specific needs challenging.

Do you think that a central air conditioning system might be a suitable solution for your home? If that’s the case, you may also be wondering: how does central air conditioning work? Don’t worry. We’ll go over everything you should know in plenty of detail below.

Why Are Central Air Conditioners Popular?

Before we can discuss how central air works, we have to review what makes these cooling systems so popular. After all, it’s certainly no secret that central air conditioning systems are some of the most prevalent HVAC options among homeowners.

Learn more about the benefits of central air conditioning with this guide:

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How Central Air Works: A Step-By-Step Guide

For many homeowners, the way central air conditioners work is largely a mystery. Of course, many people know these systems come with two major components — the indoor unit, otherwise known as the “air handler,” and the outdoor condenser unit. It’s also known that when a central AC unit turns on, the cooled air it produces is sent out into a home via ductwork.

But how does central air conditioning work on a more granular level? Let’s go through the step-by-step process.

Step #1: Warm Air Is Collected

When you lower the temperature on your thermostat, this signals for a new cooling system to commence. So, how does central air conditioning work once the thermostat has been adjusted? As a first step, the warm air inside your home is pulled into the air handler by the fan motor..

Believe it or not, central ACs do not traditionally pull in air from the outdoors, unless you have a fresh air system installed. Instead, these systems only use the air that’s currently inside your home.

Step #2: Air Blows Over the Evaporator Coil

Now that the air from inside your home has been pulled into the air handler, it’s time for the cooling process to begin. 

Central air conditioners have a critical component called the “evaporator coil.” As a fan blows the indoor air over the evaporator coil, the refrigerant inside the coil absorbs heat from the air. This is when the cold air is “created.”

Copper tubing enables this refrigerant to travel between the indoor and outdoor units. Once all the heat has been removed from the air, the refrigerant flows back to the condenser coil and releases the warm air outdoors.

Step #3: Cool Air Is Distributed

We’re almost finished discussing how central air works. However, there’s one more critical step we have to discuss: the distribution of the cooled air.

When a central air conditioning system creates cool air, it is efficiently sent out into a home via ductwork. If you’ve never had one of these HVAC systems before, it’s important to know that you’ll need to have air ducts installed in your home. Central air cannot work without a comprehensive duct system.

Schedule an Air Conditioning Installation With Tempo Air

It’s easy to see why central air conditioning systems are so popular. Their great energy efficiency and quick cooling capabilities make them an excellent choice for homes of all sizes.

Now that you know how central air works, don’t wait to call Tempo Air for your installation! Our professionals can help you find the right type of air conditioner for your home’s size and your family’s needs. We have the knowledge and experience needed to perform a wide range of services, from comprehensive installations to air conditioner repair in Frisco, TX.

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