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When you start hearing strange noises coming from your AC unit, or the cold air sputters to a stop, life suddenly becomes a bit more challenging. But in Dallas-Fort Worth, and nearby areas, there’s an HVAC service company who can solve your home comfort needs with ease.

Tempo Air offers AC repair and replacement, but first and foremost, our Employee-Owners offer courteous and professional service right when you need it.

We are an employee-owned company, which means each and every HVAC job is approached with the utmost care and attention to detail. Most other companies send out a technician who reports to a boss. They do not have the same responsibility to perform well. We, on the other hand, as owners, are invested in your well-being and your comfort at home.

Since 1966, we have serviced customers using experienced-based, technology-built, and energy-efficient solutions. Wondering about the SEER rating (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) on your HVAC system? We ensure you squeeze every ounce of efficiency out of your unit, saving you time and costs.


Each Service Visit Includes

First and foremost, when our friendly, personable, and experienced HVAC technicians arrive, they’ll ask you about your concerns. Then, with a better understanding of the problem, we will examine your AC unit, find the issue, and resolve it quickly.

For general preventative maintenance or tune-up service, we ensure the air filter is clean, zero refrigerant leaks are present, and ensure you have an overall healthy system.

DFW homeowners know better than most that, during the summer, a functional air conditioner is necessary when temperatures soar. But what happens if your system fails? You call Tempo Air!

Residential AC Repair

Our qualified service technicians train extensively to tackle common and not-so-common malfunctions in today’s top air conditioning systems. We will provide a fast inspection, locate the problem, and finish all AC repairs in DFW so that you can go on living in comfort at home.

Air Duct Cleaning

Dealing with a dirty air duct system can lead to severe health complications, including asthma and lung infections. When your indoor air quality is low you’re breathing in dirt, dust, and mold spores, but we can help. Our air duct cleaning service in DFW helps homeowners like you breathe easy, with clean air throughout the whole home.

24 Hour Air Conditioning Repair

It could be the dead of night when your air conditioning system fails, and even when the sun sets, the heat soars. You need prompt repairs! Our 24-hour air conditioning repairs in DFW ensure that professional, efficient repair service is a phone call away at any hour.

HVAC Installation

Whether you’re moving into a new home or dealing with a chugging old system, our AC installation service in DFW will resolve your woes. No more costly repairs, no more hot air instead of cold, and no annoying thumping noises in the night!

A new air conditioning system is precisely what you need!

AC Maintenance

Regular AC maintenance in DFW will ensure your system operates at peak efficiency year-round, and for far longer, too.

It is best to hire a professional when it comes to HVAC maintenance. Experienced service professionals know their way around the interior and exterior units blindfolded, and will take care of your system promptly!

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Contact Tempo Air For All Your HVAC Needs

From concerns surrounding your central air conditioner to new air conditioner installation and beyond, Tempo Air — your local air conditioning company — offers unbeatable service based on years of experience, upfront quotes, and exceptional customer service.

Give us a call today at (972) 579-2000 for top-rated AC repair and replacement from one of the top AC companies in Dallas. And yes, we are taking every precaution with COVID!


If you still have a few questions, check out our list of FAQs that may help you better choose our services:

When it comes to your cooling system, most common tune-up jobs focus on the condensing unit, calibrate the thermostat, inspect refrigerant levels, and scrutinize the unit for leaks.

Ideally, you should service your heating and air conditioning unit via preventative maintenance at least once per year for the best results.

The price for air conditioning repair varies depending on the issue and area. But know this: We will save you money and provide you with a quote upfront.

If your air conditioner is running but not keeping your home cool, the issue could be as simple as replacing a dirty air filter. We’ll inspect the air conditioning unit for signs of leaks and recommend replacing your air conditioner in time if necessary.

It is typically best to allow trained HVAC technicians to perform any air conditioning services, including repair service, maintenance, or air conditioning installation.

No, unfortunately. If the AC compressor fails, you have a few options: Replace the compressor, replace the heating and cooling system, or replace your air conditioner.

It depends on your system, but most homeowners pay between $200 and $1500 for a new coil on a central air system or air conditioning unit.

Absolutely! If your home or business suffers an AC leak, a certified HVAC company can and will investigate the problem, repair the leak, and restore comfort to the premises.

Our answer varies. If your heating and air conditioning system is relatively new, then HVAC replacement is less than ideal. Conversely, if your system is more than ten years old, in need of constant repairs, and fails to cool your home, perhaps replacing the whole unit instead of the coil is the better option.

If the AC coil fails, you’ll feel warm air instead of cool coming from the vents, the air conditioning systems will start and stop, and unusual noises become commonplace.