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Are you having trouble staying cool and comfortable inside in the middle of a sweltering Lewisville summer? Are you hearing weird noises coming from your AC?

Call Tempo Air, we are an employee-owned HVAC service company that can solve all your home comfort needs quickly, professionally, and fit just for your unique home. Call 469-848-2973 today to have one of our certified technicians get started on a solution.

Our team of experienced employee-owners is waiting on hand to help repair or replace your AC so that this summer, you’ll feel cool and comfortable all day long.


Tempo Air has been an HVAC company since 1966, and we’re very happy to call Lewisville one of our homes. Our climate is extreme in the US, to say the least, often swinging into the 100s in the summer. That means we’ve got the experience to solve any AC problem out there. We’re located just outside Flower Mound, well within the greater Dallas area.


As your local AC servicing and installing specialist, Tempo Air is proud to serve our community and provide clean air and comfort to all of Lewisville, TX. We offer the area’s best prices, most experienced technicians, and friendliest customer service.

Call us today at (469) 848-2973 for an upfront quote on AC repairs and pricing. Ask us any question you have about your home comfort system, and we’ll be willing to help. (Also: we’re taking all necessary precautions to protect our customers and staff with COVID!)

See the Tempo Air Lewisville, TX service area below.


If you’re having any heating or cooling problems, you’re in the right spot. Take a look below for some of the most common reasons we get called out in Lewisville, TX!

If you don’t see your issue below – get in touch with us anyway, and we’ll send a technician on a service call to help get it resolved for you.

  • Cold Air Isn’t Cold Enough – Odds are, you’ll need a breakdown of your air conditioning unit. Your filter probably needs to be replaced. Your heating system could also be contributing to the problem.
  • Dead or Broken Air Conditioning System – If your AC doesn’t turn on, more than likely, you’re experiencing an electrical problem. Solutions can be simple, like switching out the batteries in the thermostat. However, it could also be an issue with the HVAC system itself. No matter the issue we will get to the bottom of it!
  • Unusual AC/Furnace Noises – HVAC systems make a lot of sounds. Thumping sounds usually indicate a blower or motor assembly issue. A clicking sound suggests a relay problem. In most cases, a simple tune-up will target the source of the problem.
  • AC System Freezing – Your AC might freeze if the coolant is low, the blower motor is faulty, or if there isn’t enough airflow into your central air system. The first step to fix this problem is to buy a new air filter. If that doesn’t help, a maintenance service will help.
  • Clogged-Up Air Delivery Systems – Every three to twelve months, it’s a good idea to check your air delivery systems. Owning pets and living in sandy or dusty environments will tax your system more. The solution is usually simple: replace your filter.



Tempo Air provides homeowners in Lewisville, TX, and surrounding areas with a variety of professional HVAC repair and replacement services. From Denton to Fort Worth to Southlake, Tempo Air is proud to offer our customers a long list of services available from our team.

Home Air Conditioning Repair

Repairing a home air conditioning system sometimes requires more than just a little elbow grease. If you're repairing a system yourself, you might risk damaging the unit. We offer speedy inspections, friendly service, and quick solutions. That way, you don't need to risk damaging your AC, and you can go back to enjoying a comfortable house ASAP.

Air Duct Cleaning and Replacement in Lewisville, TX

For those with respiratory complications like asthma or bronchitis, having good airflow is vital. That's why you don't want to hand off your air ducts to untrained technicians. Tempo Air's air duct and ductless cleaning service is there to improve the quality of your clean air and the efficiency of the airflow. Experience fresh air inside again!

AC Maintenance & Tune-Up Lewisville, TX

For some, AC systems are constantly working for much of the summer. With that kind of operating schedule, your system is bound to need maintenance and tune-ups intermittently. It's easier to hire a highly-trained technician to keep an eye on your system for you. Plus, our experts have years of experience. Tune-ups and regular maintenance are our specialties. As a matter of fact, why not take the burden of maintaining your AC system off your back entirely with the Tempo Club Program? Just like your car, your home HVAC system needs periodic tune-ups. The Tempo Club Membership ensures that your home comfort systems are taken care of year-round--leaving you the extra time to enjoy them.

Heater Repair

Your heater is a vital part of your home's HVAC system, and when it fails--as all HVAC equipment eventually does--you shouldn't have to go searching for help. Our heater repair service is one of our most popular because having a broken heater is always uncomfortable. From ductwork to Freon renewal, we can fix your problem quickly.

HVAC Installation and Replacement

Take the guesswork out of installing or replacing a new AC or heat pump! Call up our team of detail-oriented, efficient, and friendly staff of technicians and see why there's no more need to spend extra on costly repairs on poorly installed units.

24-Hour AC Repair and Service

When your cold air fails during the hot Texas summer days, you'll be happy to have our 24-hour air conditioner repair service by your side. Where other professionals might disappear after the installation, our team keeps in touch. After your system is installed, you can count on us for quick response times if anything goes wrong. Just give us a call!

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Other Lewisville, Texas HVAC Services

In addition to the services mentioned above, our highly-trained staff of employee-owners offers many more!

  • Preventative maintenance and AC service
  • Drain cleaning
  • All brands of AC equipment serviced
  • Seasonal maintenance performed
  • Indoor air quality improvements
  • Air conditioning parts and labor warranty up to 10 years
  • Home energy audits
  • Air duct and ductless air conditioning system cleaning and replacement
  • Refrigerant leak detection
  • Advanced diagnostics
  • Furnace replacement
  • Condenser replacement
  • Heat pump replacement
  • Coil replacement
  • Full system replacement all major brands, including Trane and American Standard
  • L.P. appliance conversion
  • Help with cash incentives provided by utility providers, manufactures, and government agencies


Whether you’re preventing wear and tear to your AC before the summer or making an emergency call for heating repairs and heating services when the inevitable problem occurs, we believe it’s the mark of professional service to always be available.

If you need a repair or just have a question about your home comfort systems, call us at 469-848-2973. Our team of employee-owners will be glad to visit you for a tune-up. Our satisfaction guarantee also ensures you’re happy with our services for years to come.


We’ve encountered questions about HVAC systems and services for over 50 years. Here are some of the questions we most often receive.

In the most common conditions where the weather isn’t extreme, AC units should be checked and serviced once a year.

If you notice the unit isn’t producing its coldest temperature air, your central air unit might benefit from a diagnostic breakdown.

AC units have a wide range of lifespans. Homes that experience hot summers like those in Plano, Dallas, or Flower Mound, usually last no longer than ten years, as a rule.

For more information on our warranties, call us at 469-848-2973 to speak to a knowledgeable member of our team.

Good question! The cost varies from unit to unit. Since we have serviced and installed AC units all over Lewisville, Texas, we will have a good estimate for you if you call us at 469-848-2973.