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Finding a trustworthy plumber can be challenging. At Tempo Air, we believe in providing excellent service for any of your plumbing needs.

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With years of experience, our employee-owned company is the best choice for all your plumbing repairs. We believe in providing the best service possible, at fair prices. For us, that means being knowledgeable, upfront, and honest. We’ll fix it right the first time, so you don’t have to worry.

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Many things could go wrong with your home’s plumbing system. Did you know that seemingly minor issues could be related to a larger problem? Here are some common plumbing problems:

Dripping faucets may seem like a minor problem, but they are often a symptom of a larger issue. Dripping taps are caused by a pipe with a broken seal. Leaking faucets mean you are wasting water and can impact your monthly bill.

Your water pressure is a delicate balance: if the pressure is too low, water will trickle out of your faucets. If the pressure is too high, it can damage your pipes and appliances. Maintaining that balance is an integral part of your home’s plumbing health.

Whether it’s a running toilet or a crack in the tank or bowl, toilet issues need to be addressed as soon as possible. A running toilet wastes a lot of water, and breaks can cause leaks—either way, your water bill will skyrocket.

It’s easy to clog a drain but fixing it is another story. Clogs can result in bad smells, mold growth, and damage to your plumbing system, resulting in the need for some emergency—and costly—fixes.

Most people don’t enjoy cold showers or experiencing a drastic temperature change with just a slight turn of the tap. Hiring a plumber can help diagnose the water temperature issues you are experiencing.

Many factors go into your water bill’s costs, but price rises are often the result of plumbing issues. While hiring a plumber can be expensive, it will save you money in the long run.

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With decades of experience under our belts, Tempo Air offers a wide range of plumbing services for all of your plumbing needs. Here are some of the services we offer:

  • 24-Hour Emergency Plumbing Lewisville, Texas
  • Sewer Repair Lewisville, Texas
  • Water Heater Installation Lewisville, Texas
  • Water Heater Repair Lewisville, Texas
  • Toilet Repair
  • Slab Leak Repair
  • Drain Cleaning Lewisville, Texas

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Other Lewisville, Texas Plumbing Services

Our highly trained plumbers have experience handling every plumbing issue. Here is a list of some of our other services:

  • Hydro jetting
  • Gas leak repair
  • Water leak detection and repair
  • Electronic leak detection
  • Whole house/point of use water filtration
  • all plumbing and drain cleaning needs


If you’re experiencing any of these issues, call 469-515-8389 to speak to one of our service providers today.


Looking for quick answers? Here are the most popular questions from our Lewisville plumbing clients:

Pricing depends on the repairs needed. We offer fair prices, and our licensed plumbers will give you an estimate as soon as they’ve assessed the damage.

Low water pressure is often caused by a clog or leak somewhere in your home’s water lines.

An increase in water bill is often a sign of a plumbing issue. To find the specific cause, we advise you to speak to a professional as soon as possible.

Pipe damages often cause leaky faucets in the pipeline. Before trying to find the leak yourself, trust one of the professionals at Tempo Air.

Water heaters can last 10+ years. Regular maintenance and repairs can help extend the life of your water heater and ensure the warranty remains valid.