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Are your summers in Lucas unbearable due to a broken or worn down AC system that’s making weird noises and doesn’t produce cool air? The highest summer temperatures in Lucas range within the low to mid-90s. Having the best AC system is essential for keeping you and your home safe from extreme climate.

If you need to contact an emergency service and request air conditioning repairs or installations, call Tempo Air to keep your home cool and comfortable to combat the scorching heat.

Our employee-owned company is eager to provide high-quality AC repair services in Lucas for all of its residents.


Lucas, Texas stands within Collin County near Fairview, Wylie, Parker, St. Paul, Lavon Lake, and Allen. The city hosts a local farmers market and has beautiful parks with paved walking trails.


For the best HVAC maintenance and air conditioning repair services in Lucas, Texas, reach out to our dedicated team of specialists at Tempo Air. If you’re worried about saving your money when finding the best services, we can provide estimates suitable for your budget.

For more information about our Tempo HVAC Club benefits or our residential and commercial installation or repairs, call today at (469) 848-2973 or contact us by email at

SOME OF THE COMMON AC Repairs & Problems We Solve in Lucas, TX

No matter what types of heating and air conditioning problems you might face in Lucas, our team can resolve your issues in no time. Some of the common repairs and problems we help our clients with include:

  • Unresponsive thermostat
  • Dead or broken air conditioners
  • Air conditioning system freeze-ups
  • Unusual AC or furnace noises
  • Unit refrigerant leaks
  • Clogged air delivery systems
  • Warm air blowing out of AC unit



Tempo Air provides HVAC services for homeowners living in or near Lucas. Our services offer ten-year warranties for air conditioning parts and labor.

Since air conditioners are complex machines, our certified NATE technicians ensure satisfaction when solving your AC issues and placing a unit that should hold up for several years.

Our skilled technicians are experts in their craft and can repair your HVAC AC if it begins malfunctioning. If you sign up for a Tempo Club Membership, we can perform year-round maintenance for your unit.

Our team can replace your entire air conditioning system if it stops working or replace its fans or filters if there’s an issue with them.

Got an HVAC model in mind while installing a new system? Our team can place it in your home carefully to reduce functionality errors. We can also give you insight about the make’s SEER rating.

Heating systems are essential for keeping your home warm in the winter and providing warm water for your property.

When your furnace can’t heat up your home, our team can repair and replace malfunctioning parts to keep your home’s heat balanced.

We offer heating repairs for heat pumps and boilers if they don’t perform as well as they should; fixing their ductwork should improve the heat distribution for your home.

Without tune-ups, your machine becomes susceptible to malfunctions. Our experts can clean your unit’s drains or coils and make sure nothing’s obstructing its airflow.

Tempo Air offers 24-hour AC repairs for Lucas homeowners when heat waves occur. We’re also available for after-hours services in Lucas if the repairs need more attention.

Without proper air duct cleaning, your AC’s ductwork becomes clogged with dust and contaminants that hinder its ability to circulate air. Call our team if you believe your home has poor air quality and needs cleaning or a replacement.

We perform air quality audits to monitor your home’s ventilation effectiveness, air exchange rates, and concentration of harmful airborne substances.

Our team reduces the number of air pollutants in your home by improving indoor air quality, making it ideal for people with breathing conditions.

If you constantly run your HVAC system throughout the summer, you’ll need regular maintenance and tune-ups to keep it in top condition. Our skillful team is more than happy to monitor your system.

We recommend joining the Tempo Club Program to ensure year-round care for your units for the best coverage for your HVAC system.

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Other Lucas HVAC Services

Some of our other services include:

  • Drain cleaning
  • Seasonal maintenance
  • Home energy audits
  • Refrigerant leak detection
  • Advanced diagnostics
  • Replacements for furnaces, condensers, heat pumps, and coils
  • Full system replacement all major brands
  • L.P. appliance conversion


If you have any questions about these services, call us at (469) 848-2973.


Here are some common questions we frequently receive from eager customers like you.

The average cost of AC repairs in Lucas is approximately $520.

It takes about two to six hours to complete AC repair services in Lucas, TX.

Although Yelp recommends other A/C repair companies as best in Lucas, TX, these opinions might differ based on who you ask; we consider our team one of the best in the industry.

Depending on your A/C unit’s condition, the repair costs typically range between $450 to over $1,000.

HVAC is a general term for heating, venting, and air conditioning systems. Many commercial and residential buildings use HVAC systems to keep their internal temperatures and air quality comfortable.

The best HVAC system we recommend is Amana due to its replacement warranties and energy efficiency rating.