How a Ceiling Fan Can Help Lower AC Bills

Ceiling fan spinning

Although your AC is designed to keep your home cool and nice, it sometimes takes a lot of energy and effort. On those hot summer days — and Texas residents know about those — your AC unit must work overtime to keep cool air flowing in your home. Fortunately, there are ways you can provide a bit of assistance, and it comes in the form of a ceiling fan.

Ceiling fans are sometimes overlooked in terms of the comfort they can provide, but they are a good option for homeowners looking to save money and improve the energy efficiency of their air conditioning unit. If you’re wondering how a ceiling fan can help lower AC bills in your home, you’ve come to the right place, as we’ll discuss the energy savings your ceiling fans can provide.

How Do Ceiling Fans Work?

It’s important to understand exactly how ceiling fans work and how you can benefit from the energy efficiency of a ceiling fan. Remember, ceiling fans aren’t actually creating cool air as much as they are responsible for wicking hot air away from your body. 

On the other hand, an air conditioner cools the air in your home to a set temperature. While one creates cool air, and the other helps you feel cooler, you can see how both systems can benefit from each other and, in turn, benefit you.

How Are Ceiling Fans Energy Saving?

You might be wondering — if they aren’t actually creating cool air, how can a ceiling fan help lower my AC bills? Ceiling fans alone may not directly save you energy, but they do give you the flexibility to use your air conditioner less while still enjoying the same levels of comfort you’d enjoy if you only relied on the AC unit.

They Allow You to Raise Your Thermostat Setting

The most important thing to remember is to raise your thermostat setting while using a fan to save energy. Leaving your AC unit on the same temperature nullifies the purpose of using a ceiling fan in the first place! A ceiling fan helps lower AC bills by giving you the option to keep your unit running as much as 5 degrees higher than it usually runs. If you typically run your AC at 70°, you can raise it to 75° while still feeling like you’re in a 70° room.

Low Cost and High Reward

Ceiling fans can be a low-cost option, as you don’t need a fan with LED light fixtures, remote controls, or other fancy settings to do the trick. There are energy-saving ceiling fans on the market, but you can still see an immediate reduction in energy costs by simply taking advantage of a basic ceiling fan.

Tips for Your Energy Saving Ceiling Fans

As we said, there are energy-saving ceiling fans on the market, but that doesn’t mean you can’t transform a basic fan into an energy-efficient behemoth. Following a few of these tips can help you maximize the benefits of an energy-saving ceiling fan or give you incredible savings from the blades of a cheaper option.

  • Don’t leave your fan on when you’re not in the room. Remember, fans don’t create cold air; they simply blow warm air away from you. If you’re not in the room, leaving your fan on is doing nothing to help your AC unit.
  • Make sure your fan is the appropriate height. Ceiling fans should be about seven to nine feet from the floor.
  • Get certified energy-saving ceiling fans. Energy-efficient fans are available, but you want to make sure you purchase an ENERGY STAR® model. Homeowners typically choose fans from DC Motors or Monte Carlo.
  • Keep your fans clean and repair damages. A damaged ceiling fan does nothing to improve your home’s energy efficiency and can actually make things worse. Don’t forget to clean your fan, as it’s not worth staying cool and inhaling dirt and debris that build up on the blames.

Another Way to Help Lower AC Bills? Getting Professional Air Conditioning Services

A ceiling fan can help lower AC bills, but they are only a bandaid to the problem if your AC isn’t working properly. Tempo Air is an HVAC company providing homeowners with AC service in Dallas and surrounding areas. Get in touch with the pros at Tempo Air to help reduce your AC bills or save money in other ways with our local drain cleaning services.

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