5 Signs of a Collapsed Sewer Line

Woman holding nose because of sewer odors with a collapsed and cracked in-ground sewer line showing in background.

Sewer lines can collapse for several reasons, such as tree root intrusion and misaligned pipe joints. In any case, a broken sewer line is a cause for concern and should be addressed as soon as possible. If you put off a sewer repair or replacement for too long, you risk water damage, mold growth, and […]

6 Plumbing Tips for Winter

Pipe burst from cold winter weather

During the winter months, it’s common for many homeowners to prioritize their own comfort and safety. As a result, they may overlook their plumbing system’s needs — which can lead to a frozen or burst water pipe. Is your plumbing system capable of handling frigid conditions? Here in Dallas, TX, the weather can be unpredictable […]

How to Unclog a Kitchen Sink Drain Successfully

A woman using a plunger to unclog a kitchen sink.

Have you been treating your kitchen sink with the love and attention it deserves? If you haven’t, you certainly should. When you overlook any part of your plumbing system, it’s easy for problems to arise. One of the most common (and most frustrating) issues that you can encounter is a drain clog. Since you use […]

How Much Does It Cost to Hydro Jet a Sewer Line?

Tempo Air plumber hydro jetting excavated pipe.

Although plumbing issues can be irksome, it’s often reassuring to know that there are many different ways to fix the problem. At the same time, having choices can also make it difficult to find the best solution. For instance, if you have a clogged sewer line, you might be unsure if you should schedule a […]

Are You Supposed to Run Water With the Garbage Disposal?

Cucumber shavings being flushed down garbage disposal with cold water.

It’s easy to get distracted when spending time in the kitchen. Between preparing meals and washing dishes, you might simply switch on the garbage disposal without a second thought, hoping that it takes care of the food scraps that you dumped into it. But are you using your disposal correctly? When you take a few […]

Top 5 Best Drain Cleaning Methods Explained

The unthinkable has happened: you have a clogged drain. Whether your bathtub is draining slowly or you’ve noticed foul odors coming from your kitchen sink, drain clogs can be a nuisance for any homeowner. Fortunately, there are many ways to get rid of drain blockages. Some of the most effective drain cleaners can be found […]

What is Considered a Plumbing Emergency?

A woman using a bucket to collect water from a leaking pipe in an Irving, TX home.

The unfortunate truth is that plumbing problems can strike at any time. While some plumbing woes can wait a day or two to be addressed, other problems should be handled as soon as possible.